Tuesday, June 6

Could Bird Flu Kill A National Icon?

Just after a resurgence of bald eagles in the U.S., will the bird flu reverse that? I did a quick Google for eagle and bird flu, and there was an article about two smuggled eagles from Thailand into Brussels. They both were tested for H5N1 and the results came back positive. So obviously eagles can get it.

We have heard that migratory birds carrying the virus will come into Alaska, which has the largest population of bald eagles in the world. There are so many eagles in Alaska that the Endangered Species Act didn't even cover them. Add to that the amount of eagles in Western Canada. If the bird flu had a outbreak in Alaska, it could be a disaster for the bald eagle.

So ask the members of Congress why they are not fulfilling their pledges to Asia in the fight on bird flu.

Senate members
House of Representatives members