Sunday, June 4

Countries Slow To Spend On Bird Flu Pledges

In January, countries from around the world pledged money in the global fight of bird flu. Unfortunately, only Japan, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have fulfilled their pledges. While countries like the U.S. who pledged $334 million have only sent $71 million so far. There are certain things that this Administration has been so cheap about, AIDS/Africa and now bird flu, while they keep spending billions to wage war.

(Daily Telegraph)The report, prepared for a meeting of senior officials in Vienna on June 7, also singles out the US, which pledged and committed $US334 million ($450 million), but has spent $US70.95 million ($95 million).

The World Bank, which promised $US500 million ($671 million) in loans, committed just $US113 million ($152 million) and sent out $US1.97 million ($2.64 million).

Australia pledged and committed $US55.9 million ($75 million) and disbursed $US11.88 million ($15.95 million).
If there was ever anything worth allocating billions for, it would be stopping the spread of AIDS and preventing a pandemic over bird flu. If this Administration is correct in their deficit spending theory, then what is another billion for the fight against bird flu?