Wednesday, April 12

Marine On No-Fly List

Marine Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown was surprised to find out that he was unable to board a plane from L.A. to his home in Minneapolis. Sgt. Brown, who was in uniform with 26 other Marines returning from eight months in Iraq, was told he was on the no-fly list.

(AP/MSNBC)"A guy goes over and serves his country fighting for eight or nine months, and then we come home and put up with this crap?" Brown told the St. Paul Pioneer Press upon arrival.
As the other Marines arrives in Minneapolis, they did what any Marine would do;
The other reservists arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as scheduled, but instead of immediately meeting their families, they waited on a bus for Brown.

"We don't leave anybody behind," said Marine 1st Sgt. Drew Benson. "We start together, and we finish together."
Sending these brave men and women to Iraq on lies and fumbled planning, in my opinion, is one of the biggest crimes that can be committed by a government.