Wednesday, April 12

Ma Bell Not Wasting Time

It seems somewhat fishy how things are going with the internet and "Ma Bell" lately. Obviously it is strange that "Ma Bell" was able to merge back up like they did. I thought they were broke up for a reason. Then we start to hear about net neutrality. In short, net neutrality is the process in which all internet businesses have the right to an open and fair internet. The ISP's don't want it because they want to charge a fee for priority service on the internet. An example would be companies, other than the ISP's, who use VOIP would be at the will of the ISP's. Just a week ago, a congressional committee voted against net neutrality. And already we have this;

(Forbes) IPv6 devices are able to join automatically, which could benefit online gaming and peer-to-peer file sharing. The different data structure also means service providers could better classify or filter Net traffic. This may allow companies like Verizon Communications (nyse: VZ - news - people ) or AT&T (nyse: T - news - people ) to prioritize subscribers' voice-over-Internet Protocol calls ahead of their Web traffic, a concept the telcos are already banking on for new revenue streams.
I'm not for controlling the internet, but I am for keeping it fair. Isn't that why we benefited from "Ma Bell" being broken up in the first place?