Friday, April 7

Food For Thought

As of the time I am posting this, the Center for American Progress has the total for the Iraq war at $238,866,911,499. And according to this AP article, the Center for American Progress puts the amount to deport all immigrants at $215 billion over five years.

So my question is, would we be safer if the $239 billion that we have spent in Iraq was spent securing our borders with Mexico and Canada and the deportation of "dangerous" immigrants? The non-dangerous immigrants would have to go through the process that is currently in Congress.

And my guess is we would still have some money left. That could be used to furnish fire and police departments in the critical areas, NY, AR, TX, CA, and the states across our northern border, with the right tools and technology to fight terror. And in the case of another attack, be able to respond in quickest and most efficient ways.