Saturday, April 8

Feingold Support Growing

Democrats seem to be slowly coming around on Sen. Feingold's censure resolution. While initial reaction by the Dems was to run and hide, it seems like they are starting to come around after seeing that polls are saying that Americans are in favor of censure.

Senators are also getting letters from the voters asking where they stand, and why they haven't backed Sen. Feingold's censure resolution.

(GB Press Gazette) "Everyone knows that support for this war is slipping," said Feingold.

And in the last few days, Feingold said he's heard from other Democratic senators who have told him that their constituents are asking why they haven't publicly supported a censure resolution.
We've recently seen Sen. Kerry come out and say that if the facts show President Bush broke the law, he would support the resolution.
Former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., told CNN Thursday he's also inclined to support a censure.

"I think the hearings are appropriate, and I would be prepared to vote for it" if it's shown the president did not follow the requirements of the law," said Kerry, referring to the hearings that have been held by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
If nothing else, Sen. Feingold's stepping up to the plate this late month, has challenged other Democrats who plan on running for president to have a position. While the Republicans are fixated with Hillary, Senators Feingold, Kerry and Biden have started to voice the concerns of the majority of the party. And they have done it all without having to scream DeLay or Abramoff. The so-called "secret weapon" for the Dems.