Wednesday, April 12

Fast Food Bashing Frenzy

I have had just about enough of the outcry about how unhealthy McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are. Their fries are so fatty. NO SHIT! What tipped you off, the frying of everything? C'mon already! Who actually attempts to eat healthy and then go to McDonalds and order a #3 large with a Coke?

The film Super Size Me shouldn't be surprising to anyone. It would be like me making a film that surmised, the more I hit myself in the head with a hammer, the more I bleed. But now people are in a frenzy that American fast food restaurants still have too much trans fat after they promised they would lower it. Do you want to know how to lower your trans fat? Go to Subway or eat a salad, but get off McDonalds back already.

(AP/Yahoo)A study of the fast-food chains' products around the world found remarkably wide variations in trans fat content from country to country, from city to city within the same nation, and from restaurant to restaurant in the same city.
And here is why doctors go to college for a decade;
Harvard School of Public Health cardiologist Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and colleagues wrote in the journal that while it may be hard for restaurants and food manufacturers to eliminate partially hydrogenated oil, other countries have replaced it with unsaturated fats without raising costs or reducing quality.

Doing so might prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes each year in the United States, they wrote.
So would having a salad instead of a burrito! Is this something that really needs this much research? Shouldn't this be common sense?