Wednesday, January 7

Apple Goes DRM Free, Then Kicks You In The Groin!

Yesterday's confirmation from Apple that iTunes will go DRM free was much welcomed. There are so many reasons why DRM free music is good for us, and having Apple finally come to some terms with the studios, is long overdue. However, Apple will only let you update your songs at once. And all, not the ones you want. What does this mean?

Well for me, it means $101 to start to make my iTunes library DRM free. I would love to start updating my music, but not all at once. I have read on one of the threads at Mac Rumors that one of the guys has to spend over $600 to make his DRM free, and that is all at once. Apple really needs to rethink this model, cause until they do, I guess my older music will be burned as MP3's like I have done in the past to get around DRM, and Apple and the studios will get no money! Or, I will start using Amazon for $.79 a song instead.