Thursday, December 25

Thank You Netflix!

Over the last several years, one of my Christmas traditions has become watching Jesus of Nazareth. About five or six years ago, it was on The History Channel or one of the channels like that, and I started watching it and found myself unable to stop watching. Well, this year, I couldn't find it in the menu. So I went to Netflix and there it was, and available for streaming. Almost done with part three and my tradition lives another year.

While I am thinking of getting Roku, IMO, there really isn't a need for it or Apple TV. I am using a DVI to HDMI cable($20 from Apple) to the back of my TV, and a standard audio cable($10 from Sony) to my AV receiver. So for $30, I am doing almost the same thing that Roku does for $100 or Apple TV starting at $229.

Another thing you can try is to download Glims for Safari. It gives Safari a bit of a Firefox feel with favicons on the tabs and the ability to add search engines in the browser search bar. It also gives you the ability to go full screen or max screen. You can then use Safari to play Netflix on the TV and still use Firefox if you need to go online an not affect the movie. Just make sure you un check mirror in the display settings.

Happy Watching!