Wednesday, October 29

Cool iPhone Apps

A little while back I complained about the iPhone 3G and how I wish I would have keep the old one. Well, I am not sure I am ready to take that back, but I am closer. I have since got a new 3G cause my first one had "jumpy" signal reception, along with a slew of other problems. The new phone is relatively trouble free, but I do have one issue. For some reason, when I am in my home, having 3G and wifi on, gives me an error message when sending text messages. As soon as I put Edge back on, no problem. So, I can work around that.

Now, for the apps. There are a lot of apps that I have tried once or twice, but haven't found a reason to go back and use it again. Fun for a party to show someone who hasn't seen it, but not real functional or useful in everyday life. This one kind of fits into that category, but I think it might take a few more times for me to stop messing with it. It is called uFlute. It is a free app, so you can't go wrong. And it is exactly what the name says. It turns your iPhone into a 5 hole flute. You use the mic to blow in and you place your fingers on the holes and it actually works.

Another new app that a lot of sites have talked about is Google Earth. Yep, now you can view the world right on your phone. Just spin the earth and tap.

If you use Yahoo Messenger, the you will want to try oneConnect. Makes using yahoo pretty easy on your phone. Of course, you can just sign into your phone when exiting Yahoo, and the messages will just go to your phone anyway as a text. Either way, the oneConnect app is pretty good.

And then a couple apps that have been out for awhile that are must have. The first app anyway with an iPhone or touch shuold get is Remote. Complete control of iTunes and I believe iTV from your phone. And if you have an airport express or an aiport extreme, you can run your iTunes wirelessly and use your phone from anywhere in the house to control the music.

If you would like to store documents or pdf files on your phone, then AirSharing is a program you might want to look at. It sets up your phone as a server and then transfers files onto it. This was free when it came out, but I believe it is a paid app now.

And then the last thing is ESPN. They have, using safari, created an iPhone mobile web that is top notch. And if you are a fantasy football player at ESPN, and checking in on our score has been a pain, then this is what you need. Point your browser to and it should bump you to the iPhone area.