Thursday, September 4

Already Sick Of Hockey Mom Term

The Republicans managed to create the female George W. Bush last night. While everyone is singing her praise today, we will see how she does when she doesn't have prompters in front of her? Maybe soon the McCain campaign will allow her to speak to the press so we can see.

Even if the speech lacked substance, she did revitalize the Republicans. Her story is good, with a few questions still to be answered, but at this point it's a win for McCain. But she better study for Sen Biden, cause he can make her look foolish. And if she is going to be a little hard ass, she is not going to get the sympathy vote when Biden destroys her.

And it is a shame that Sen McCain didn't show the same class when groups said Obama was a Muslim or took the oath on the Qu'ran as Sen Obama did when he said enough of the business with her daughter.