Monday, July 7

Random Energy Thoughts

Just saw $4.35 for regular on the way home tonight.

While both Presidential candidates are blah blah blahing it over whose energy plan is better, the sitting President is still doing nothing.

All this nonsense about off-shore drilling and the continued ANWR "exploration" conversation will not change our dependence on foreign oil and will barely change the price of gasoline.

Is anyone going to call McCain out about his summer gas tax relief and the fact the summer is almost half over? Talk is cheap Senator.

After hearing that Toyota is putting solar panels on the Prius, why can't anyone design a small wind turbine the size of a golf ball that can be placed in several locations on automobiles to charge the batteries while you drive too? Maybe that 100 mile battery can be stretched to 150 to 200 miles with on board charging.

And finally, if a soybean can make everything it can, why can't it make ethanol? And why are we not reviving the sugar industry in this country and making sugar ethanol? It isn't the long term answer, but it is better than corn ethanol.