Monday, July 14

First 36 Hours With The iPhone 3G

Yes, I was one of those dopes who stood in line on Friday. I didn't camp out or go early in the morning, but I still had to wait about 4-5 hours in line to get one. The process of having Apple activating the phone in store was the main reason for long lines(an obvious attempt by AT&T to prevent iPhones from being unlocked and ending up on other networks). But like every other apple fan, I was giddy once I got it in my hands.

It looks better and feels much better in the hand. The rounded back fits the palm much better than the flat metal back.

3G network, eh, not what I was hoping for. If you are in an area where 3G is up, then it isn't bad. But I tend to be on the edges of urban and rural and AT&T haven't quite got there yet. So I find myself using the the standard 2G and Edge more than I wanted to.

MobileMe was a nightmare to get going. I assume it may be because I didn't start in iTunes by selecting set up a new phone. Instead I reloaded saved settings. And when I did try to use the push feature of MobileMe, I lost all my contacts, calendar events and bookmarks in Safari. I did some searching and I found that I needed to delete my .mac or MobileMe account off my phone and then re-sync it back in. Once I did that, the little cloud in the sky pushed all my info to my phone.

The App Store on iTunes is ok. I downloaded a few apps. The Texas Hold-Em game from Apple is possibly one of the best hold-em games I have played to date.

If I had one negative so far, it's that the battery life, even with the 3G network turned off, seems to be draining quicker than the first gen iPhone. Hopefully Apple will get wise and have someone in the stores that can swap out batteries instead of sending the phones in this time. It would make things so much easier. Also, still no copy and paste.....c'mon Apple!!!!

Overall, I think this should have been the phone they released last year. And the reports of a million sold in the first weekend proves that. Happy iPhoning!!!