Saturday, February 9

MSNBC Once Again Folds To The Clinton "Group"

Let me first say, David Shuster's comments were foolish. Should he have apologized? Absolutely. But should he have been suspended? No way. In case you missed his comments, this is what he said in regards to Chelsea calling people, like the women on "The View", to vote for her mom.

"Doesn't it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"
Let me first go back about a month, when Chris Matthews basically said that some of Hillary's rise to fame was due to Bill's infidelity. Immediately, MSNBC was flooded with emails and protests outside the studio from Clinton supporters and women's rights activists. The next day, Matthews, with his tail tucked firmly between his legs, apologized to Hillary. Yet Matthews wasn't suspended. So why is Shuster being suspended?
Howard Wolfson, the campaign's communications director, called Shuster's remark "disgusting," "beneath contempt" and "the kind of thing that should never be said on a national news network." Wolfson appeared to suggest that Clinton is reconsidering an agreement this week to participate in an MSNBC debate Feb. 26 in Cleveland, saying: "I at this point can't envision doing another debate on that network."
Nothing like the kettle calling the pot black......I mean Jessie Jackson......I mean a fairy tale...I mean a coke dealer....I mean friend of a slum lord. This image of Hillary being so tough, yet this business of her crying, needing her husband to attack Obama and unleashing Wolfson on MSNBC suggests that she isn't as strong as they would like you to believe. Is she going to cry when she has her first major issue as President? And will she have to call Bill in to fight her battles?

So while David Shuster's comments were wrong, he is usually one of the best political reporters MSNBC has, and this suspension is ONLY for the purpose of trying to save the Feb. 26th debate. So my guess is that you won't see Shuster until the debate is secured, or possibly even Feb. 27th. Way to have a backbone MSNBC and NBC.