Friday, February 1

Health Care Question

If Sen Clinton says that 15 million people won't be insured under Sen Obama's plan, and it will cost taxpayers money if the uninsured go into the emergency room, then who does it cost when subsidies are given to the same people under Sen Clinton's plan? And if you are not going to fine them or punish them in a mandatory health care system, how are you going to enforce that? And how much will that enforcement cost taxpayers?

There was an episode of West Wing where Josh and Toby were talking to a guy in a bar, and the guy was telling them about his trip with his daughter to see the campus of Notre Dame(Go Irish!). He said that the cost was so expensive, he just wished it was a little easier. He made a good living and wanted to send his daughter to a good school. He said there was something honorable in putting your child through college, he just wished it was a little easier. He didn't want a handout, he just wanted it to be a little easier. I believe Americans want health insurance, they just want it to be a little easier.