Saturday, February 16

Clinton Was For It, Before She Was Against It

Florida and Michigan shouldn't count.......I'm sorry, what? We are behind Obama? Florida and Michigan should absolutely count. How can we not let their voices be heard?

But would you expect anything else from a professional politician like Hillary? Here a are just a few excerpts from some articles in late 2007.

Regarding the DNC's decision 08/26/07: The penalty will not take effect for 30 days, and rules committee members urged officials from the nation's fourth-most-populous state to use the time to schedule a later statewide caucus and thus regain its delegates.
So they were warned and given a chance to change it themselves.

From the USA TODAY 09/22/07: Also, Florida will vote on a constitutional amendment during its primary election that could significantly cut property taxes. Democratic party leaders felt pushing their delegate selection plan past Feb. 5 would have affected turnout in the ballot question.
So their own state party put their local interests ahead of their National interests. Now they say they have no voice in the nomination process.

From the WaPo on 10/08/07: ... the DNC warned Michigan that any delegates chosen Jan. 15 would not be seated at next summer's convention in Denver, the same punishment that Florida Democrats are suing the party over. Rules and schedules are essential, one DNC official said, to ensure "fairness and predictability."

"I don't see anything we can do," the official said, "without all hell breaking loose."
And Michigan was warned too, but did they listen to the DNC? And what position did the Hillary camp take in 2007?

From the WaPo 09/01/2007: "We believe Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina play a unique and special role in the nominating process," Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle said. "And we believe the DNC's rules and its calendar provide the necessary structure to respect and honor that role."
Clearly we know that not to be true. But Hillary will probably say, well Pattis Solis Doyle is no longer in charge. But that would only prove again she is incapable of saying she was wrong. If Hillary can't even be consistent on this over a five or six month period, how can we expect her to keep her promises once in the White House?