Saturday, January 19

When You Elect Assholes, Prepare To Be Shit On!

I will be the first in line to kick any Democrat in the ass if, after they nominate and possibly elect Hillary, they complain when it's 4 more years of personal attacks and politics as usual in D.C. Which means, more investigations, more scandals, more polarizing and in the end, more time where Congress won't get anything done. And while Hillary and her henchmen were blasting Obama on race and what he did as a teenager, they were saying noting about this. Karl Rove would be jealous of this display of dirty politics. But don't criticize her, or else President Clinton will yell and point his finger in your face.

As much as I don't want a Republican in the White House, I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. No way, no how! In fact, if that day does come, I can guarantee two other things happening that day. First, I will unregister as a Democrat. I won't register as a Republican, but I will not support a party that nominated another Clinton. The second thing I will do is, start looking for Mayor Bloomberg's campaign. I've never voted for a Clinton or a Republican, and if Bloomberg does run, I still will have never voted for a Clinton.

P.S. Like New Hampshire, Nevada can kiss my ass!