Sunday, January 6

More Than A Change From Bush

I am just watching the replay of the debate from Saturday, and Charlie is letting Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama debate each other, sort of. To start off, Sen. Clinton starts with, "we are all for change from George Bush and the Republican control." Unfortunately, what Sen. Clinton and her campaign fails to understand, and what will be the reason that she won't be the nominee, is we want change from more than the last seven years. We want change from the last 20 years of politics, including the name Clinton! Why is that so hard to understand?

And enough "we" talk when Sen. Clinton references the 90's. For instance, "we" sent missiles into Afghanistan. No, President Bill Clinton, not Presidents Clinton and Clinton, sent missiles into Afghanistan. What is this, some law firm? Did she do work in the 90's? Absolutely. But does that count as Presidential experience? Not a chance. Let me ask you, if you need heart surgery, would you trust the wife, or husband, of the heart surgeon to do the surgery? She has as much experience as the others, with the exception of Gov. Richardson, is all I am saying.