Wednesday, January 16

Apple And Google Change iPhone Mail Settings With 1.1.3

So last night I was wondering why I wasn't getting any emails on my phone. Usually I can at least count on someone asking me if my penis needs enlargement or someone telling me last night was great. But I wasn't even getting those. I have 5 e-mail accounts on my phone, and the only one working was my .mac account, which is only for Apple related stuff or my .mac account. So after awhile, I realized that the 1.1.3 firmware update released during Macworld, switch my pop e-mail accounts to IMAP.

Maybe IMAP is a better way to do e-mail than pop, but a little heads up from Apple or Google would have been great. Especially since the update didn't change the ports from 995 to 993, and it also deleted my emails on my phone. After finishing a calm down smoke, I signed on from my computer to gmail directly to see about any help, there was nothing til this morning. Finally gmail put up "iphone updates" in red at the top. Hey guess what, the updates changed your gmail accounts to IMAP, thanks Google!

So for anyone using gmail(pop only) on a iPhone that is having problems, or doesn't like the way IMAP works, follow these steps to be back on pop email. Delete your gmail accounts from the iPhone, then go back and add a new account. DON'T SELECT THE GMAIL OPTION(this will automatically set up as IMAP), instead, select other. Once you are in other, you can select pop email and enter your, settings and your user name and password. Once I did that, my email was back to the way it was before the update and my email that was deleted on the update came back. I was very happy.

Maybe IMAP is better, most articles say IMAP is more secure and keeps your e-mail organized better. So maybe it's just getting it set up correctly and getting used to it, but for now, I'll stick with pop.

UPDATE: So after I did a little more reading, I am going to give IMAP a shot. My computer and phone are in sync now. So hopefully I won't regret it.