Sunday, December 23

Firefox 3.0b2

From time to time, I get bored with the browser that I am using, and switch to a different one. Usually it is between Firefox, Flock, Camino and Safari. Each of them have things that I like. Firefox is, to me, the most customizable and user friendly. Flock has developed a great browser with their recent release of Flock 1.0., and many of the Mozilla/Firefox extensions work with it. Camino is efficient, as it is mainly Firefox tweaked for a Mac with more of a Mac feel. And then there is Safari, which is probably the fastest of the browsers, but it's basically what you see is what you get. But with the recent release of Firefox 3.0 Beta 2, I think I may have finally settled on my browser.

Like I said, I have used Firefox. And even going back to my PC days, Firefox has always been my main browser. But the Firefox 3.0b1 release, almost changed that. Obviously beta versions are not perfect, I understand that, but that first release wasn't too good. But since I downloaded beta 2, it has been relatively smooth. And if you use a Mac, and want the theme for FF3, then use Aronnax's GrApple(it's on the right of the page under Special FF 3.0b2 theme) . It gives you that clean Safari look a little better than the one that Mozilla/Firefox is testing, which is a good theme too. So I have added Firefox back to the EFT picks space.