Friday, December 7

Back In Business

Last Sunday, while doing some fantasy football stuff online, my PowerBook froze on me. While that is definitely out of the norm, I wasn't too alarmed by it. However, when it would not reboot, I got a little nervous. Turns out my hard drive went, and all my info was gone. Essentially, whatever wasn't on my iPod or phone was lost.

I never had a hard drive go bad on me. In fact, I really never had a serious problem with any computer I have had. Thus the reason for not backing up any of my files. Ugh! So I learned the hard way I guess. I could boar you with the long story about how Apple gave me back my computer with a basic Tiger install, iTunes importing back from my iPod only songs I purchased and not the ones I burned(iPodCopy got me around that for $20), having to upgrade Tiger programs before going through the 2+ hour install of Leopard again, etc.... And none of this was going real smooth. In fact, during the process, I wound up losing my pics off my iPod. So this is when I closed up my computer, and the next morning went and bought a MacBook Pro. It's been two days now, and except for the lost data, I am back to where I was I think.

So far so good with the MacBook too. I am enjoying it a lot. One of the first things I did after getting up and running was to try Joost. It's a video service that only works on Intel Macs and not PowerPC, so I have been waiting to try that. I watched Monday's, "How I met Your Mother". The quality was pretty good. The only time there was an issue was during the last 5-10 minutes, it got kind of choppy. The next thing I would like to do is install Parallels and run XP and Linux.

One more thing, apparently Republicans and Hillary are still evil on an Intel Mac too :p.