Wednesday, September 26

On The Left, Richardson Needs To Be VP!

I wish he really stood a chance to win the Democratic nomination, but those in the media are only able to focus on two or three candidates per side, and essentially eliminating anyone past third in the "polls". I am watching the debate on MSNBC that I DVR'd, and Gov. Richardson is one of the only ones that has a grasp on foreign policy. Clinton has a grasp, but it doesn't seem to be a Democratic grasp.

On the question: "If Iran's nuclear capability, threatened Israel's security, would Israel be justified in launching an attack on Iran?", the answers surprised me. They, except Richardson, hemmed and hawed and danced around the subject. The answer is yes.

Every country is justified in defending themselves. But I think people need to slow down and think first. The same people who told us all this stuff about Iraq, and were wrong BTW, are now promising us the future in Iran if we don't bomb. I don't really believe them. I think we can do better than this. For me, "It's the Diplomacy Stupid!"

I've said it before, foreign policy and the ability to negotiate with leaders of the world, are two of the main things I am looking for in the next president. The only one on the Democratic dais who has them both, is Richardson. So if things go the way of the "polls", then I hope who ever wins, selects Richardson for VP. That might be the only way I vote for Hillary.