Sunday, July 1


As an Apple fan, some might say Apple tool, I had to get myself an iPhone. Finally a phone that was completely compatible with my computer. The BlackBerry works well, but it still has certain limits with a Mac. So off I went to the Apple store yesterday.

I got there around nine in the morning. There were no lines and I was in and out within 10 minutes. I was a little nervous at first because the Apple, not iPhone, Genius couldn't answer many of my questions regarding current customers and the process of switching over. But I was willing to do what it took because I wanted the phone. What he did tell me was to download the newest iTunes and just connect the phone and follow the instruction on the screen. Okay, easy enough.

So I get home and unpack the iPhone, which was packaged much like the iPod for those who care. It comes with a dock and cable, wall plug and the ear buds. I plugged the iPhone into the docking station and iTunes began asking some questions. The first was whether or not I was a returning customer or new. Then it asked for my number and personal info. Here is where everything fell apart.

My business used to have about 7 phones with T-Mobile, but when T-Mobile switched something with their billing process, we switched carriers. When we went to AT&T, we only put two lines with them. But because they were business phones, we put them on a business account. When I put my info into iTunes, it told me my account type could not use the iPhone. Excuse me? So I called AT&T.

After waiting for about 20 minutes on hold, I decided to head over to the AT&T store. I asked someone about the problem and they gave me a few options. The first option, to get another line, was just ridiculous. So a device that was supposed to combine two devices into one will result in me carrying two phones now? I don't think so. The other option was to transfer
our account to a personal account for $18 per number. But they can't do that until Monday because that is when the business department is in.

So today I am still waiting to use my iPhone, with no guarantee that it will work tomorrow anyway. According to MSNBC, it is taking 24-48 hours for activation because of back-ups in AT&T's system. This phone has been coming for awhile now, and it seems like Apple and AT&T were not as prepared for the iPhone as they needed to be. Hopefully they will get their act together soon.