Friday, June 1

Life's Good

Being the fan of Sony that I am, all of my TV/radio equipment is Sony. Well this week, I broke tradition. I have had a Sony 40" LCD since about December, and I have yet to use it the way it should be used. My laziness and the paperwork of my association has prevented me from upgrading to DIRECTV HD. And while my "old" DVD player upconverted to 1080i, it wasn't really HD.

So this week I stopped off at Best Buy to do some perusing. That is when I came across the LG Super Blu Player. A combo Blu-ray/HD DVD player that will also upconvert a standard DVD to 1080i. And while the cost is a little steep, if you are a movie watcher and can afford it, it is the way to go. Unfortunately, I am not yet getting digital sound because my current, and soon old, mini-system wasn't set up to receive incoming digital sound. Being it is also the DVD player, it was never an issue. But now it is. I can live with that for now because the picture quality is unbelievable. And now when I go back to TV, I can really notice the difference. So much so, that I will be filling out all necessary paperwork for the new dish. Life's Good!