Sunday, June 10

Life's Good With Sony

Recently I was bragging about my new LG DVD combo unit that played Blu-ray along with HD-DVD, well some things have changed. While I was getting a better picture than I ever had, I noticed it was playing in 1080p, just 1080i. So I went back to Best Buy and they told me maybe my HDMI cable was only 1080i compatible. So I bought a new cable and still nothing. I decided to call LG, and apparently my TV is not compatible with the new player. It has something to do with the frame rate of the player and my TV not being the same or compatible.

So I went back to Best Buy and returned the LG unit and purchased the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray player. It has come down from the $1000 price tag to $799. I connected it and problem solved. Turns out I should have stayed with Sony the whole time. So for the time being, my Sony world is in harmony.

In case anyone is thinking about buying the new LG combo unit, it has a frame rate of 24 according to Chris from LG. Also the Sony KDL-40V2500, and the 46 I assume, will only get 1080i and not 1080p. Before purchasing, call LG at 1-800-243-0000 and they can tell you if your TV will get full 1080p resolution.

For the record, 1080p is even better than the 1080i I was going gaga over before.