Tuesday, May 8

Wal-Mart Trying Solar

For all the crap I give Wal-Mart, and rightly deserved, this is something that they need to be applauded for trying.

(Red Herring) Wal-Mart, the retail chain purveyor of ultra-cheap goods, announced Monday it has contracted to buy solar energy to power nearly two dozen of its stores and distribution centers in Hawaii and California.

If all goes well, solar energy providers BP Solar, SunEdison, and SunPower subsidiary, PowerLight, will supply a total of 20 million kilowatt-hours per year to 22 stores, supercenters, Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers, the company said. Wal-Mart said the systems could reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be spewed from power plant smokestacks by up to 10,000 metric tons a year.
It's going to take companies like Wal-Mart to start a trend. They almost are the guinea pig. But if this is successful, it could only help.