Wednesday, May 23

This Can't Be Good

Even though the FDA has approved this, I just can't help think that stopping a woman's body from doing what it is designed to do is healthy. Does anyone remember "Thalidomide Babies"? If not, it was a drug pregnant women took to take away morning sickness. Again, a natural reaction a women's body has.

(Wikipedia)Unusual side effects had been reported by patients taking thalidomide in the UK, including peripheral neuropathy. Worse, pregnant women who had taken the drug were giving birth to babies with a condition called phocomelia – abnormally short limbs with toes sprouting from the hips and flipper-like arms. Other infants had eye and ear defects or malformed internal organs such as unsegmented small or large intestines.
This along with the Viagras of the world are reasons for more government involvement in medicine. "Doctors" can make you hard all night, and give you a "clean" woman with great fake breasts to spend it with, but don't really get sick, because there is no cure for that. Curing diseases eliminates return customers, but making them chronic and livable is big business. There is no money in a cure, the money is in treating the disease.