Thursday, May 10

Them Fightin Words

If I could steal a line from Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone, "Are we cross?"

(AP/Sea Times) Who was President Vladimir Putin talking about when he said the world faces threats to peace like those that led to World War II?

Putin's statement at a Victory Day parade on Red Square on Wednesday was artfully phrased to be both blunt and vague — but political observers have little doubt he was criticizing the United States for "disrespect for human life, claims to global exclusiveness and dictate, just as it was in the time of the Third Reich."
I have a hard time disagreeing with that statement, but is this not the ultimate pot calling the kettle black? Power grab in energy, mysterious deaths or the jailing of political opponents and a reverse of civil liberties in the U.S.Russia.