Friday, May 4

Random Thoughts On Republican Debate

It was sad to see some of the candidates willing to take us back in time. Whether it was denying evolution, or saying you can fire people because of bigotry and hatred or saying women have no right to decide what happens to their body. And only a couple would entertain stem cell research.

McCain looked like the kid trying too hard to get the attention of the others.

Giuliani brought the heavy guns by referencing 9/11, what a surprise.

Tancredo did his thing and railed against "illegal aliens".

Brownback could live with a pro-choice President. I'm sorry, come again?

Paul, while a little wacky, made some good points.

Romney actually appeared the most presidential.

And Regan, not W., was the end all be all to Republicans. In fact, it was almost nauseating how much they they referenced Regan's name.