Wednesday, May 2

Giuliani's Texas Ties Questionable

I guess if you don't believe in climate change, then you won't have any issue with this. But for those of us that believe the climate is changing, and that humans are playing a part of it, Giuliani's ties from the law firm that bears his name should raise some questions.

(NY Times) That affiliation adds to Mr. Giuliani’s personal wealth but also could pose political risks for him. The firm is perhaps the nation’s most aggressive lobbyist for coal-fired power plants, heavy emitters of air pollutants and carbon dioxide, a gas associated with global warming. Environmentalists say the firm played a significant role in persuading the Bush administration to roll back major provisions of the Clean Air Act.
Most significantly, perhaps, the law firm is one of the higher-profile defenders of the oil, gas and energy industries, to which it provides legal help and extensive lobbying services in Washington. It is difficult to say just how much of Mr. Giuliani’s contributions from those industries stem from his affiliation with Bracewell, but employees of companies in those sectors, including several Bracewell clients, have contributed more than $400,000 to Mr. Giuliani’s campaign so far.
Soon he is going to be painted as too liberal for the right and too conservative for the left. The race for the Republicans hasn't heard from the winner yet.