Tuesday, April 10

Quit The Fake Outrage

I am so tired of hearing or seeing Don Imus everywhere I turn. Yes, what he said was moronic, but he is a morning radio talk show host, who is paid to be, moronic. I listen to Stern everyday, and while he has said his fair share of things for people to get mad at, the people complaining are never taken seriously. Why? Because they are complaining about Howard Stern, who is paid to be moronic and silly.

We listen to Howard or Imus(if you are tone deaf) because they say and do "shocking" things(even though Imus forgot the shock a long time ago) . This was not shocking, but just dumb. And people like Al Sharpton only lesson their cause by focusing on things like this instead of things like.

(Chicago Tribune[free reg. req.]) DALLAS -- A remarkable campaign in Texas to right the justice system's wrongs moved forward Monday with a court recommendation that is expected to lead to the exoneration of the 13th person -- and 10th African-American -- based on DNA evidence in Dallas County since 2001.

James Curtis Giles, 53, has spent nearly half of his life, including 10 years in prison and 14 years on the sex offender registry, trying to prove his innocence in a 1982 rape case.
For every step forward serious civil rights leaders make, people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fight for the media over the "Anna Nicole" of race news.