Thursday, April 12

He's Gone. Can We Move On Now?

CBS has joined MSNBC and fired Don Imus today. Well it's a good thing he is off the air, now all the race issues are fixed. Obviously that is tongue and cheek, but if you would have only watched MSNBC over the last few days, you would have thought another Rodney King beating took place.

But this is the part that confuses me. As someone who has grown up listening to R&B and Rap, I know there is no shortage to the degradation of black women in music and in videos. As apparent by the top videos on AOL, and the lyrics to Akon's top hit, "I Wanna Love You", or the album title, "I Wanna Fuck You". Let me make it clear, I don't like or support Imus. In fact, I am glad he got fired. But when Rev. Al Sharpton screams from the mountain tops, while doing little towards the same subject in music, he looks like a hypocrite. Especially because, he too has been accused of racism and foot in mouth disease, yet he has had a second chance. Can't we all just get along?

For the record, I am an Akon fan. I've got him on my iPod.