Sunday, March 25

Why The Firing Of U.S. Attorneys Raises Questions

Kevin Drum has put together a list of reasons why the firing of the 8 U.S. Attorneys raises many questions. Here are the two that raise the biggest flags for me.

5. Five of the eight were either aggressively prosecuting Republicans or else failing to prosecute Democrats to the satisfaction of local politicians. Coincidence?

6. David Iglesias reported that he received case-related calls from from Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici shortly before the midterms. He believes the calls were intended to pressure him into indicting some local Democrats before election day. He didn't, and a few weeks later he was fired.

On a similar note, the day after Carol Lam notified DOJ that she was planning to expand the Duke Cunningham investigation, Kyle Sampson emailed the White House and told William Kelly to call him so he could explain the "real reason" he wanted to get rid of Lam. What was the real reason that he didn't want to put in email?
Yet it's those damn Democrats who are playing politics.