Thursday, March 1

Who Is Watching You?

A judge has allowed a husband to use information obtained from spy software on a computer. Apparently the husband came across some things that made him think that his wife was having a affair with another woman. The husband then used the software to see sites visited, screen shots and keystrokes. He even went as far as downloading e-mail from the wife's online e-mail account. (To access his wife's e-mail account he had to use a username and password, which was saved in the "remember password" in the OS) All of this was done without permission from the wife, but yet, the judge is allowing it into evidence.

More and more we see people, business and the government spying on people via their own computers. I can understand, assuming the employees are told when hired, when a business does it to protect trade secrets. But when it's done with the intention of invading someones privacy without their knowledge, and then used against them in court, there is a problem. How is this any different from using illegal wiretaps?