Tuesday, March 6

U.S. Troops Erase Footage Of Aftermath

The AP footage apparently showed the aftermath of a response by U.S. troops after an attack by a suicide bomber. The response left 10 civilians killed and as many as 35 injured. The military isn't denying the attack, but they can't confirm whether the troops erased the footage.

(Alaska Report) "When I went near the four-wheel drive, I saw the Americans taking pictures of the same car, so I started taking pictures," photographer Rahmat Gul said.

"Two soldiers with a translator came and said, 'Why are you taking pictures? You don't have permission.'"

Mr Gul said troops took his camera, deleted his photos and returned it to him.

His APTN colleague, who did not want to be named, said he was told he could film the scene - but when he did so a US soldier got very angry and deleted any footage that included the Americans.
The sad thing is that Americans are debating these wars everyday, and NONE of us have all the facts. Some because they lack the drive to find the answers, and some because the news isn't getting out of the war-zones and some of us because the government is just lying about the facts.