Wednesday, March 28

Chicago Cops Gone Wild

Yesterday Anthony Abbate, the Chicago cop who attacked a female bartender, made his first appearance in front of a court. Unfortunately, "on-duty" cops shielded the media from Mr. Abbate by blocking off parking lots and streets with their squads, and ticketing the vehicles driven by the media. This was all done on the order of their Capt., who has since been demoted by Police Supt. Phil Cline.

There is reportedly another video of 6 off-duty cops attacking 4 men at a Downtown bar. And when the on-duty cops showed up, the 6 off-duty cops told them they had it handled and to leave.

Cline also said six officers allegedly involved in the second beating have been stripped of their police powers -- which Cline said should have happened weeks ago.

When the department was alerted to the beating -- which occurred at the Jefferson Tap & Grille -- investigators with the department's Office of Professional Standards viewed the video within five days. The video reportedly shows an off-duty sergeant waving away on-duty officers who responded to 911 calls. Prosecutors saw the video by the end of the month, Cline said.
I am sure Mayor Daley has got to love this happening as he is trying to push Chicago for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.