Monday, February 5

Wait Til F'n Next Year, Again!

Was last night a dream? Even though he played like crap, Rex is still young. Essentially he is a second year starter, so to make it to the Super Bowl is quite an achievement. Look how long it took Manning. With that said, he better get some accuracy over the off-season. If he thought this year was tough, it will be nothing compared to what next year will hold. Especially if he turns the ball over four times in a game. To the rest of the Bears, congrats on a near great season. Unfortunately, I, along with the rest of Chicago sports fans, have to "Wait til next year".

So congrats to the Colts, and to two of the games classiest players, Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. It was also nice to see Tony Dungy win, and win the right way. If there was any team that deserves it, it was the Colts.

The Cubs pitchers and catchers report in nine days. Talk about the ultimate wait til next year! team