Wednesday, February 21

South Africa Trying To Clean Up Hunting

Let me first say, I am not a hunter but I have NO problem with people who hunt for FOOD. I do have a problem with people who hunt for trophies, especially when the animal is caged in or drugged to make it easy for lazy or bad hunters. Well South Africa is trying to put an end to this type of practice.

(SF Gate) "Hunting should be about fair chase ... testing the wits of a hunter against that of the animal," he told a press conference. "Over the years that got eroded and now we are trying to re-establish that principal."
In some cases, there is a cage where a "hunter" waits as a leopard is released. As the leopard charges(out of fear) the "hunter", the "hunter" opens fire on the leopard. If this wealthy "sportsman" can't finish the job, and his life is in danger, the two snipers above the fray will finish the leopard for him. And if a coherent leopard is too intimidating, don't fret. Another type of "hunting" is where they catch, drug and then release the leopard when the hunter arrives. They wait for the leopard to start to wake up and then let the dogs loose. The dogs chase it up a tree and BANG! Pose for a quick picture, and you're done. How is this hunting?