Tuesday, February 20

Philip Morris Case Reversed

A verdict that awarded $79 million to a widow of a smoker was reversed by the Supreme Court. The ruling was 5-4. The ruling stated

(BW) In the majority opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer, the court said the verdict could not stand because the jury in the case was not instructed that it could punish Philip Morris only for the harm done to the plaintiff, not to other smokers whose cases were not before it.

States must "provide assurances that juries are not asking the wrong question ... seeking, not simply to determine reprehensibility, but also to punish for harm caused strangers," Breyer said.
People, even knowing how dangerous cigarettes are, are still smoking. Present company included. I've tried many times to quit, all to no avail. How addictive is nicotine? Well in California, inmates are paying a $125 a pack. They are paying more for cigarettes than illegal drugs. So if the tobacco industry knew then how addictive cigarettes are, along with how dangerous they are, then they should be held accountable. Maybe $79 million is excessive for one person/case, but how do you put a price on it? Now, anyone who started smoking recently, should have no recourse as far as I am concerned. The info is out there about the dangers and adictiveness of smoking.