Thursday, February 8

Congress Tells Wal-Mart To Stop Selling Nazi Shirts

Wow! Congress has sent a letter to Wal-Mart telling them to remove the Nazi t-shirts from their shelves.

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky was today joined by a bi-partisan group of Members of Congress in sending a letter to Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott expressing concern over reports that t-shirts bearing Nazi insignia remain on the shelves of some of its retail outlet locations. In November, Wal-Mart committed to removing the product from its shelves, but reports this week suggested that the retailer had yet to meet that commitment."
Being one of the early birds on this, but definitely not the only one, I actually feel like we accomplished something. On the other hand, should congress really be able to tell companies what types of clothes to sell? This was never about stopping the sale of Nazi-wear, rather about Wal-Mart's hypocrisy. Which later turned into Wal-Mart's failure to follow through on their words.

Speaking of their words, Wal-Mart has responded to the letter from Congress. Much of the same nonsense,
When we heard yesterday that some stores still had some of the shirts in inventory, we reissued the return-to-vendor directive. Our fashion merchandising team will reiterate the issue in their weekly video to stores.
Congrats to Bent Corner for originally breaking this and to The Consumerist for their ongoing coverage of this.