Saturday, February 3

Britain Hit With First Case Of H5N1 Bird Flu

The H5N1 strain of bird flu has hit a turkey farm in the Britain, already killing some 2,500 turkeys. The remainder of the 160,000 turkeys will now be culled too. The thing that has people a little puzzled is when this is happening.

(Reuters) Avian flu expert Colin Butter of the Institute of Animal Health said the British outbreak was surprising as it had happened outside the main bird migration period:

"We would not expect this to happen in the middle of winter. If it was going to happen we would expect it to happen in spring.

"The next thing we need to know is if this is a primary or secondary case. If this is a secondary case, it is much more serious. If this is the first case, or 'reference case', and we can stamp it out, the outbreak will be controlled."
The bird flu is now closing in on American shores. It no longer seems to be if, but rather when. And like always, preparation is the key to preventing an outbreak, and maybe someones death.