Thursday, January 18

Smoking Ban To Be Put On Hold In Chicago Suburbs

Bar owners in three south suburbs say they estimate they lost 50% of their normal business during the Bears playoff game due to smoking bans. It is such an issue that the three suburbs are holding emergency meetings to discuss a temporary ban on the ban until mid March.

(Da Trib) Oak Forest Mayor JoAnn Kelly said the reason for seeking the temporary lifting of the bans was to afford the three communities more time to review their no-smoking ordinances and the impact they're having on businesses.

She acknowledged, however, that the decision to consider lifting the ban now was in response to bar and restaurant owners' complaints of losing business during the NFL playoffs. Since the playoffs began two weeks ago, many patrons who smoke have moved to pubs and eateries in communities sometimes minutes away that have yet to adopt no smoking laws.

"It [allowing smoking during the playoffs] is a big point for our businesses, especially with the Bears involvement, " Kelly said.

"Go Bears," the mayor added.
If this doesn't tell you how crazy people around here are for the Bears, I don't know what will. Law or Bears? Da Bears!