Wednesday, January 31

Dirty Rivers Of The World

Mmm Mmm Good! I would also like to add the Fox River to that list. The problem with the Fox River is the PCB levels. What can PCBs do to you?

(Fox River Watch) Not all of the 209 kinds of PCB have the same effects. Some have properties like dioxin (one of the world's most toxic man-made compounds), some PCBs act like hormones, and other PCBs are nerve poisons. We have a mixture including all types in the Fox River and Green Bay.

PCBs alter major systems in the body (immune, hormone, nervous, and enzyme systems); therefore, PCBs affect a wide variety of body organs and functions.
These PCBs enter the water from the paper companies in Wisconsin and make their way not only into the Fox River, but Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The Fox River starts in Wisconsin and flows down through Illinois until it joins the Illinois River. The Illinois River than flows into the Mississippi River and so on. So again, I would like to add the Fox River to the list.