Wednesday, October 4

Terrorist Communications Still Getting Through

I know this may sound hypocritical for me to complain about after I complained about the NSA program, but I think this backs up my case instead of hurting it. If they are unable to properly read the emails and letters of terrorists they have at Supermax, the most secure prison we have in the United States for the most dangerous criminals, how can we believe they are doing right in the public arena? If they are not going to read those emails, then why do we need to give them complete autonomy to spy on innocent Americans?

(MSNBC) Convicted terrorists locked up in U.S. prisons can still use mail and verbal communications to conduct terrorist or criminal activities, according to a report issued Tuesday by the Department of Justice's inspector general.

The inspector general launched a review after a series of NBC News Investigative Unit reports in February and March 2005 revealed that jailed terrorists — even those responsible for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center — were continuing to support jihadists and encourage violence around the world.
So then was all of their talk about listening to the terrorists just cover for listening to others? Say political enemies, reporters and wrongly targeted Americans? In November say 'No' to big brother and those who fight the 'War On Freedom'!