Friday, October 13

Our Ports And The NFL Are SAFE Now!

Now that online gambling is banned! The port security bill, with gambling stuck in, was signed by the President today. One of it's biggest supporters was the NFL. I just don't understand the NFL. Who would care about Ten v. Det or TB v. Buf if they weren't betting or playing fantasy football, in essence betting on players rather then teams. Who would watch?

It's amazing how the NFL, which would be like all the other sports if it were not for betting and fantasy football, is so blind to this fact. They make a lot of money off their Sunday Ticket deal with Directv. Again, why would someone watch Ten v. Det if they weren't from there or betting and playing fantasy football. It's too bad the No Fun League has a stick up their ass. Maybe they should worry about players conspiring to kill their pregnant girlfriends, the Bengals DUI's and arrests,and players waving guns (fined not suspended)in the air. Maybe if they could legislate morality too, we can all be better people!?! Because that seems to work so well in Congress.