Thursday, October 12

Illinois' Governor Corruption

No not Ryan, but Blago. Everyone goes down to Springfield with good intentions, but they come out looking like Tony Soprano.

So who do liberals in Illinois vote for this year? Another corrupt politician that a lot of liberals have lost faith in? Or do you vote for something you don't believe in because it would send a message? Which is like the decision that a lot of voters around the Country face this year. The problem here is that (R)Judy Baar Topinka, a Blagojevich opponent, worked for Gov Ryan. The man just convicted of of plenty of corruption himself.

Or do I go even more to the left and vote for the Green Party candidate Rich Whitney? While I agree with some of Whitney's positions, Illinois and more specifically Chicago, might not be the best place for a Green Party candidate. Or maybe that is just the mindset that has been beaten into me by the 'two-party'(cough cough) system we have now.