Tuesday, September 26

SWIFT Auditor Already On The Payroll

So the company hired to audit the SWIFT surveillance program is already being paid by the government. Booz Allen Hamilton, the auditor, has worked closely with the government in the past, and probably has more lined up. This is what Booze Allen Hamilton say their capabilities are for a government and/or it's agencies, and you see if there could be a conflict.

We serve the public sector — government agencies, institutions, and infrastructure organizations worldwide — providing a broad range of management consulting, engineering, information technology, and systems development/integration services. Booz Allen's public sector work has significant impact — enhancing the national security, economic well-being, and health and safety of countries around the world.
So what else do we know about Booze Allen Hamilton? According to the ACLU
Booz Allen was one of the largest contractors with the U.S. government and that it received hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts each year. Therefore it was "heavily dependent on the very agencies it is supposedly overseeing," the ACLU said. The ACLU also said that Booz Allen's staff included "many former members of the military and intelligence community, including a former director of the CIA and a former director of the NSA." The company also had "a history of working closely with security agencies on electronic surveillance, including the now-defunct Total Information Awareness program run by Admiral John Poindexter,"
So now we need oversight on the company hired to perform oversight. And we wonder why our government reacts like a glacier.