Monday, September 18

The Outsourcing Of Our Borders

Don't worry, it's not Dubai Ports World, it's the companies who are helping 'secure' Iraq. Instead of Congress just securing the border, we now enter the 'bidding' phase of securing our borders. That is right, our government has outsourced our border security. Everything from blimps to real-time video streamed to handhelds. The only thing I am not hearing is WHEN our borders will be secure.

  • Northrop Grumman - Drones (Hope no one is having a wedding near the border)
  • Boeing - 1,800 'High Tech' towers along the border (But windmills are an eyesore)
  • Lockheed - Blimps (The debut of cloud camo)
  • Raytheon - Google Earth (Couldn't I do that?)
  • Ericsson - Digital Handhelds (Then uploaded to YouTube for distribution)
Notice the companies are defense contractors. Seems to be another windfall, on the taxpayers dime, for them. How many billions will this cost you and I? During the last 6 years, this Administration has taken care of it's own.
  • Defense Contractors
  • Tax cuts for business
  • Record profits for the energy sector
  • Consolidation of media
  • Anti-choice groups
  • House of Saud
Missing from that list, the American people! BTW, I hear China and Wal-Mart can secure the borders for half the price.