Friday, September 29

Frist Attaches Internet Gambling Ban To Port Security Bill

This is just absolutely ridiculous. Not the ban, which is a joke in itself, but putting it in a bill aimed at securing our ports. How does this secure the ports? It doesn't, it's just Frist setting up his run at the White House. He knows it won't pass any other way. So stick it in the port security bill. Who would vote against that? You will be for the terrorists. I know this happens on both sides, but this is indicative of Frist and the Republicans who control the House, Senate and the White House. Not to mention what they have done to the SCOTUS.

At least they were able to see through the trees long enough to tell our favorite Senator, Ted Stevens, no to attaching legislation that shields the telcos from violating privacy rights. If your choice is less taxes or more freedoms, how do you vote? It's easier to cut taxes than to get your rights back.