Friday, June 2

Welcome To America, We Have A Few Questions For You

I guess questions imply someone can answer. No, our government has chosen to do the work for the visitors.

(AP/Yahoo)A European Union commissioner warned on Friday that privacy protection for travelers flying to the United States would be at risk if EU governments do not salvage a passenger data agreement with Washington.
And why would that agreement be important you ask?
The court ruling requires EU and U.S. officials to change the legal foundation of the pact before the deadline, but it has no immediate effect on a program that lets U.S. officials see dozens of pieces of information about each passenger — including name, address and credit card details.
The government not only spies on us, but they also spy on people coming to America. What a beacon of democracy we are. And I don't want to hear about how would I feel if we were attacked again! You are the same people who would lose your mind over the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st and 4th, not so important.

So who in America does "Land of the Free" refer to?